Smart Cyclic Redundancy Check Fixer Pro

Smart Cyclic Redundancy Check Fixer Pro 4.6

Scans your computer for possible errors and attempts to fix them
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Completely scans your PC for potential problems (registry entries, junk files, obsolete settings, wrong configuration options) and attempts to fix them using an interactive way. It also increases PC's performance by cleaning it from junk files and other unnecessary files.

Smart Cyclic Redundancy Check Fixer Pro is a complete program that can detect any problems with your computer and how it functions. You should use to clean your PC and to improve usability and performance. Here are the features of this product that can clean and fix your computer and have it running at its maximum in no time.

Scan Clear – Routine maintenance with scan clear will help keep your computer from freezing up or crashing.

System Optimize – The computer will run in its optimal state with System Optimize. It will help users manage desktop items, startup items, Internet option, system service, file extensions, browser objects and many other aspects of use so that your computer system stays tuned up and running its best.

IE Tools – This feature will restore Internet Explorer by detecting and removing harmful or malicious plug-ins, keeping IE healthy and running optimally all the time.

System Fix – This special toolkit will scan and diagnose your OS. It will help users manage all the utilities that are essential to the computer system such as internet options, system service and browser objects. This toolkit has an Easy Repair Wizard, File Association Fixer, Shortcuts Fixer, Error Utilities, Winsock 2 Repair kit, Register ActiveX and lots more.

System Tools – This bonus has four useful utilities that can effectively enhance both the user experience and the performance of the PC.

Backup –Smart Cyclic Redundancy Check Fixer Pro includes Registry Backup, Favorites Backup, Folder backup and System Backup. It will also assist you in creating a system store point so the system can be recovered if you do not like the changes that have been made.

Then how to fix Cyclic Redundancy Check error?

1. Download and Install Smart Cyclic Redundancy Check Fixer Pro.

2. Click "Quick Scan" button to Scan Your Computer.

3. Click the "Repair All" button and then the problem will be gone completely!

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